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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Title: The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Author: landsharkkidd
Characters/Pairings: Mostly Mark/Eduardo, a bit of Eduardo/OFC and bit of Mark/OFC
Rating: M
Warning(s): Gay scenes (heh) and an awkward writer, also Eduardo being dark and evil near the end. >D It turns Mark on. Also a very poor excuses of a sex scene with nothing too describing of what they did (but you can imagine it can’t you?)
Word Count: 2,041
Disclaimer: This story is fictional of course, well, Mark and Eduardo are real. But just imagine its Jessie and Andrew. Song is from Brand New.
Summary: What if it was Sean who filed the lawsuit, who got o.3%, who got screwed over by Mark. While Eduardo stood there laughing at how much of an idiot Sean is. Everything happened to Sean and not Eduardo. Maybe Mark does care about him. But when a girl gets in the way, it’s a different story.
Comments: First time writing in the TSN fandom and first time writing gay scenes. So it’ll be as awkward for me to write as it is for you to read it. Uhm... yeah, I hope it’s decent enough. So yeah. Oh and if anyone knows where the girl gets in the way from you get points!

BANG’ the door left a powerful bruise in the wall. Mark shifted from his chair hearing the noises. Muffled sounds could be heard from the living room. Mark quickly rose from his chair and looked around.

“No, no, nope, no, oh god no” he whispered to no one but himself. Sighing he picked up a wooden baseball bat. “Typical” Mark said rolling his eyes; he walked out the room slowly and quietly.

“Shut up Wardo Bardo! Your room mates will hear us!” An intoxicated female’s voice was heard as she giggled.

“Oh it’s just Mark. He’s probably typing away on that laptop. Chris and Dustin are back at HQ!” Mark could hear Eduardo's voice from the living room. Mark dropped the bat and it made a loud noise.

“Fuck” he cursed under his breath. He dropped the bat out of his hand a loud sound came from it and the two drunken people in the living room looked around but saw nothing.

“It’s too dark!” The girl moaned, Eduardo sighed and grabbed her hand. “Will we wake up-” but before she could continue, Mark banged into her. The girl groaned rubbing her head as she hit the floor.

“What the fuck was that?” Eduardo looked around and placed his eyes on Mark. They were there for a few minutes.

“Hey babe, I’m here! Stop looking at your boyfriend.” The girl giggled. Mark huffed; Eduardo pulled his left hand out from his pocket and offered it to Mark. Mark shook his head as he declined. Eduardo pulled the girl up from the floor, she clinged onto Eduardo and smiled at Mark. “Oh hello! You’re Mark, I’m Freya!”

“Uh, yeah hi Freya?” Mark questioned scratching his head he walked over to a light flick and turned it up so he can see her. She had red hair that was turning brown ‘Obviously red isn’t her natural hair colour’ Mark thought. She wasn’t chubby but she wasn’t skinny, she was normal weight but bigger than average. Her eyes were blue and her teeth were white, almost yellow. She wore a red dress, no shoes. Mark surveyed her up and down; her hair was pretty much all over the place. Mark looked at Eduardo and knew he wasn’t drunk.

“Hey Marky Mark!” Eduardo chuckled. ‘Just tipsy’ Mark thought to himself about how intoxicated Eduardo was. Mark sighed and looked down on the ground.

“We’ll being now, don’t wait up!” The pair walked out and away from Mark’s eyesight but overheard Freya ask Mark about sex, and a threesome. Mark shuddered at the thought, sex, with his best friend. What kind of civilized girl would think such a thing? Mark couldn’t see it; he couldn’t see having sex with his best friend any exciting. Mark huffed and walked over to the light flicker and turned it down so the light had gone. He walked back to the office to work more on Facebook.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The morning after was quiet awkward. Freya was wearing one of Eduardo’s college jumpers (since it was the winter after all), her hair better than the night before, but Mark couldn’t tell because it was tied up in a bun. Her eyes weren’t blue like last night but rather gray and blood-shot. She was sitting on Eduardo’s lap eating some Lucky Charms and smiling like a four year old. You could see her underwear; it was black with gold writing. Mark took quicks sips of his coffee while the couple sat on the couch watching The Simpsons. Mark felt something in his stomach boil up, he didn’t know what it was. Maybe he was angry, pissed off, aggravated, maybe this girl- Freya, Freya is Eduardo’s new girlfriend. Maybe Mark was even jealous.

“So are you two together?” Mark asked out of the blue, the couple looked from the mind boggling television show and looked up at Mark. They both gave the confused look but Eduardo’s look was more 'Oh god no!' Mark always knew that look.

“We’re going to get married” she was still drunk from the night before. Mark made a high sigh and nodded giving her a small smile.

“Are you now? You’ll have to pry him away from my arms!” he then gave her a quick chuckle but she looked as confused as ever.

“What are you talking about? I don’t get it!” She looked from Mark to Eduardo, then back at Mark then lastly at Eduardo. Mark sighed shaking his head while Eduardo is still laughing. Eduardo shifted so that Freya could move from his lap.

“I’ll be in the shower.” Eduardo whispers to Mark, Mark nods and gives him a slight warm small smile like he normally does. Eduardo chuckles, he looks down and walks to his room. Dustin and Chris were gone and would be found at HQ. Mark took the day off but decided to work from home. Freya finished off her breakfast and walked over to the kitchen where Mark was working she placed her bowl into the sink and turned around looking at Mark. Mark noticed her smile; she was trying to be sexy. It wasn’t working for Mark.

“So you’re Mark” he didn’t say anything. “Mark Zuckerberg” she continued. “You found Facebook?” he looked up from his laptop lost of his concentration. He sighed placed her hand over his mouth dangling his hands and gave another sigh placing his eyes on the girl’s gray eyes.

“What? Oh, yes. I’m Mark, Zuckerberg.” He gave short pauses. “The founder of Facebook.” He nodded looking back down to his laptop as he looked at what everyone was saying on Facebook. His mum had sent him another message on how to work this ‘blasted’ thing. (Which of course Google Chrome translated it for him from Hebrew) Mark had made Facebook public for everyone from the young to the old. Now he’s making more and more, inventing more and more things for new people to join up. Freya bit her lip, the silence was awkward, the air was thin. You could hear Eduardo in the shower, singing. Freya giggled to herself trying to make Mark notice. Which worked, Mark looked up from the laptop to Freya.

“I’m on Facebook!” Freya exclaimed. Mark wanted to whack her in the head. He looked from Freya to his computer and decided to write a bit more.

“Yeah and so is the other 500 million users too.” He said sarcastically, Freya couldn’t sense the sarcasm. She moved from Mark where she was leaning on the counter to being in his lap and kissing him! Mark didn’t know how it had happened that quickly. He opened his eyes and Freya was still kissing him.

“MARK!” Yelled Eduardo. He was just in jeans drying his hair with the towel. Freya pushed Mark away and ran to Eduardo.

“Oh Wardo! You came so quickly! I was just talking to Mark about how amazing you are and all of a sudden he forced me to kiss him!” Freya exclaimed hugging onto Eduardo, Mark looked like a dear in headlights. It just happened so quickly he didn’t realise what was going on. “You’re a disgusting man! I’m with Wardo! Not you”
“Mark, I thought we were friends” the air was thin; Mark didn’t know what to do. His head was getting lighter and lighter. Everything was spinning. It went black.

Several hours later and Mark was on the bed, at the end was Freya. She now wore the same dress she had been wearing the night before. Either Mark went back in time or she’s going home.

“What are you doing here?” Mark questioned in annoyance, Freya looked at Mark shocked like he had said something that shouldn’t off been said. She looked around the room again and then back at Mark. She gulped, it was silent and it was awkward, very very awkward.

“I’m sorry”

“For what?”

“I’m sorry, for-for” it couldn’t come out of her mouth; she knew what she had to say. She knew so very well what to say. She felt so guilty, she felt like it was her fault. She was jealous and heard Eduardo’s story. The door was slightly ajar but the light wasn’t on, all the better for the secret agent spy.

“Well, spit it out Freya. I haven’t got all night! Seeing as its 6 pm. I’d love to have some dinner if you don’t mind-” he couldn’t finish his question again because Freya planted another kiss on his lips. They were dry but slipping her tongue into Mark’s mouth made them wet. Mark didn’t know what to do. Stay there and accept the kiss or push her away and run to Eduardo wether Eduardo hates him or not. But he didn’t need to make his mind up, it was already made up for him.

“MARK WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” The high pitch squeal could be heard in China. A red mark was found on Mark’s cheek. He felt it getting warmer and warmer as the seconds went by. His head was getting light. But it wasn’t time to black out. No.

“Get out” a voice was heard from the door way. “Get the fuck out of here and don’t you ever come back”
“But it’s his house darling! Isn’t it? I mean-” the girl blabbered on for a while and Mark had had it.
“I wasn’t talking to Mark. I was talking to you. Get the fuck out of here and never come back!” Eduardo’s voice sounded dark, he pointed to the door and Freya was still clinging to Eduardo. “What the fuck did I say? Get the hell out of here you slut!” Freya slowly detached herself from Eduardo. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” Eduardo screamed, Freya cried as she clasped her hands over her eyes and grabbed the things of hers, out of the house.
“I’m-” Mark stopped himself because he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t have any thoughts running in his head except having no thoughts in his head and thinking he has no thoughts in his head. Which didn’t make sense to Mark, because of course your thinking about not thinking.

“I’m sorry.” Eduardo piped up after the silence, Mark looked from his bedroom floor to Eduardo he flicked the lamp on so there was enough light to spread and bounce off of Mark’s walls but dim enough not to kill their eye-sight. Eduardo walked slowly over to Mark’s bed. Mark made a gesture to lie down next to him as he shifted over and put his head back on the pillow. “I’m sorry for ever doubting you”

“No, that’s okay. It was a miss-calculation everyone does that” he was straying.

“No, no, no. Mark look. I’m sorry for blaming it on you, when we both knew it was Freya’s fault in the end.” Mark rubbed his eyes like a five year old and yawned. Eduardo moved his head to the left so he could see Mark’s, he lifted his left arm and put it around Mark’s shoulders. “I care about you buddy, I love you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me” something made Mark’s stomach quiver but leap at the same time. Things trying to escape, make it out to the real world. Mark looked to his right and looked at Eduardo.

“You’re perfect”

“Just the way”

“You are.” With that sealed the deal, a kiss was placed on Mark’s lips. He didn’t need to worry about Facebook or Freya or anything starting with an F. Mark and Eduardo were going at it now. Clothes going everywhere, hair being pulled, groans being heard. They had hopped no one was home at the time. They were done. Hand in hand, both bodies together touching. Sweat dripping off of their hot bodies. Mark looked at Eduardo and Eduardo did the same.

“No one ever knows” was the last thing that was heard from Mark’s lips before Eduardo kissed him again and they feel asleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

How cheesy was it? Tell me with comment. Thanks for reading too! ♥
Tags: ff:tsn, pair:eduardo/mark, pair:eduardo/ofc, pair:mark/ofc, thing:fanfiction
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