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We’ll runaway from everything you hate,

Runaway to everything you've wanted

22 June
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you don't believe in god

My name's Melissa. I'm 16. I love Harry Potter and My Chemical Romance. Born and raised in Australia, never been overseas. (Well, only to go different states in Australia of course). I only have this blog so I can join comm's and what not. But I do post in here once in a while. I love Sims 3 and Spongebob, I'm really just a child at heart. I have a dirty mind and say 'That's what she said' so many times it's illegal.
i don't believe in luck

I actually like Politics, and I've always got an opinon. You can ask me about anything and I'll give you why I hate it, or love it. I honestly hate the new Disney, Hilary Duff and Raven Symone are the Queens of Disney forever. I have a fear of spiders, someone breaking into my home and someone close to me dying. I have a learning disability and PCOS.